Monday, August 13, 2012

Fetih 1453


hello guys, it's movie review time again! hehe.
today I'm gonna talk about a history based movie.
sounds cool? yeap! it's cool for me cause it's about islam! :D

627 Century, My prophet Rasulullah S.A.W already tell us that Constantinople will be crush by muslim one day in future. and on 1453 century, Constantinople is really going down by muslim hand. Subhanallah :)

this movie is made by the Turkish, well sorry to say,
actually this movie is kinda deviat. Even though it base on fact & history,
but the way they describe Sultan Mahmet Al Fateh is kinda disappointed.
he's very noble man indeed, but I read several value about him,
he is not exactly like how the movie describe him. never!

well beside that, they show a scene that kinda prohibited in Islam.
hasan, Al Fateh great warrior made some 'love' with a girl.
in Islam, it is prohibited to kiss/sex before marriage.
so this movie is sooooooooooo deviate -.-

ok in order not to become bias, I'll take this movie as unislamic movie.
and I'll rate it base on the story line. to be honest, the movie is complicated.
if you never read about Al Fateh story, it will kinda hard for you to understand.
and this movie is freaking 2 hour and half movie -.- hahahaha
is kinda sleepy thou to listen the Turkish talking. lol.
overall? 6/10 :)

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